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Who are we?

Based in Perth, Western Australia, our organisation provides a growing range of medical, health education and community development services and support for disadvantaged rural communities in Africa.

Learn about our growing international charity and holistic, Christ-centered principles. Read about our teams who deliver short-term health care as part of our long-term projects in remote areas of Africa and in the past, India.

How can you help us?



As a charitable organisation, we rely on the generous support of volunteers, individuals, businesses and churches who share our vision.  Your donation can help us deliver our life-changing health & development programs across the world.

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Serve on a short-term medical team

As our organisation and health care services grow, so do the volunteering opportunities. Volunteer for either a medical or non-medical role on one of our short-term teams, delivering health care services and education in rural communities in Africa.

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Volunteer in Perth

While our teams deliver much needed health care services, you don’t have to be in the medical profession to become a volunteer. In fact, we have a broad range of volunteer roles available here in our Perth office.

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Become a business partner

In addition to the teams of volunteers who deliver our life-changing health care and education clinics in Zimbabwe, and the donors who help fund our work, we are always looking for corporate sponsors and partnerships.

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Email us at mail@cosmoshealth.org.


Kirsty Sutherland (RN)

Having volunteered in India as an Enrolled Nurse, and since having volunteered as a Registered Nurse in Zimbabwe, Having volunteered in India as an Enrolled Nurse, and since having volunteered as a Registered Nurse in Zimbabwe, I can only speak praise for the work Cosmos Healthcare does, and what Sizolwethu continue to do, for those people in need.  Despite blowing a tyre on the rocky roads during my Zimbabwe trip, my faith in God has continued to grow and be strengthened on what can only be described as a smooth silky road.

Luba Vosloo

The three week trip was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. It has strengthened me and I have benefited in ways I could not imagine. God is faithful to do exceeding and abundantly more than we can ever ask for imagine!

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