Transforming communities one life at a time

At Cosmos HealthCare, our objective is easy to explain. We aim to provide quality, compassionate health and development programs for underprivileged people across the world. Fulfilling our mission isn’t quite as simple and that’s why we have developed a clear set of guiding principles and strategies.


Our mission

To facilitate quality holistic health care and development projects in underprivileged communities across the world.

Our vision

To see communities transformed by sustainable health care projects.

Our values

  • We are Christ-centred, embracing biblical values and bringing Christ into people’s lives.
  • We value integrity, honesty and ethical decision-making throughout our organisation.
  • We focus on quality, providing the best standard of health care within our resources.
  • We treat everyone with respect, promoting dignity, equality, grace and compassion, regardless of race, religion or social status.
  • We are accountable, open and transparent in everything we do, communicating clearly with each other and our partners.

Looking to the future

Moving forward, we will strive to:

  • Continue developing our long-term health and development projects in Zimbabwe and Papua New Guinea;
  • Explore opportunities in other regions of the world where we can serve; and
  • Embrace a more preventative and developmental approach to complement our clinical work.
Team members Erin & Naomi with Community Health Workers who attended our training in Angoram, Papua New Guinea - July 2019

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