Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea, like many developing nations, faces many challenges to increase the effectiveness of their health system and long term neglect means that staff morale is quite low. At village level people struggle to access quality health care while also facing issues accessing clean water. Thankfully some of these issues are being overcome by good management and support from various sources in East Sepik Province.

Sepik River, Angoram, East Sepik Province, Papua New Guinea

Community Health Worker Refresher Training Courses

With good input from our contacts in Papua New Guinea, Darryn prepared an excellent curriculum for the primary health refresher course and this course was successfully delivered in July 2019. 24 Community Health Workers completed the training and there is scope for this training to be repeated in 2020.

We were very pleased with the level of support we received from the local health authorities at both provincial and district levels and the feedback from the participants shows that this type of training is filling a void and helpful for a variety of community health workers. We have been asked to conduct more training in future.

Future Possibilities

A cervical cancer screening research program is currently running in Madang and Mt Hagen. In July 2019, Darryn & Jason had the privilege of visiting the clinic in Madang. These sites are running a same-day screen and treat program for early stage cervical cancer. This visit was very helpful and the data they are gathering is showing very good results. The trial staff in Madang and Mt Hagen are hopeful that they will soon be given approval from the health authorities to run such programs on a permanent basis.

Cosmos Medical Director, Dr Darryn Rennie, with staff at the Madang Hospital.