Our work in Uganda

Cosmos Connect – Peer Support Program

Connecting health professionals for mutual support and encouragement

to help each other deal with the challenges of today.


Jason James, Cosmos HealthCare CEO, has made two visits in recent years to Mbale in Uganda. During these visits he saw first-hand the excellent community outreach programs that JENGA Uganda has been conducting.

Jason saw several health workers who serve in various roles across JENGA’s projects. As a nurse himself, he can empathise with how challenging these roles are and he decided to find a way of providing encouragement and support for the health workers at JENGA.

Cosmos HealthCare has always had a strong organisational ethos of empowerment, with all our programs being aimed at developing people through knowledge to build capacity and resilience.

Our “Cosmos” nurses here in Australia have all served in Africa or other developing world contexts and each have a heart to help and serve.

The Need

Everyone benefits when they live in a supportive, encouraging environment. With support we flourish, grow and develop, not only personally but also professionally. The stress health workers face each day can be overwhelming and good support from friends and colleagues is critical to maintain good mental and physical health. Without regular support structures it is easy to get burnt out and to suffer on many levels.

The Goals

  • To link up pairs of like-minded health professionals, people who share a heart to serve others and who share common or similar professions.
  • To build strong relationships to help overcome the stresses of life in a challenging world.
  • To actively promote an environment of mutual respect and prayerful encouragement.

The How

By using communication technology such as WhatsApp and Zoom, regular meetings and conversations build relationship and rapport. Peer Support Partners can record verbal messages on WhatsApp and make video calls using Zoom or WhatsApp. Sending encouragement by email is also an option, with the ultimate goal of connecting on a regular basis.