Our Partner – Sizolwethu Health Trust

Based in Bulawayo, Sizolwethu aims to improve the health and well-being of rural communities through health education, mobile clinical services, specialist wound care and community development strategies.

Sizolwethu works in close partnership with government authorities, hospitals, clinics, and churches to support underprivileged communities. Every day they stand in the gaps, to provide vital long-term care for people in these communities.


Each month, Sizolwethu’s nurses travel up to 270km out from Bulawayo to provide vital ongoing primary health care for people suffering with acute and chronic illnesses in 10 communities. This service is often the only accessible point of care, impacting thousands each month.



For a very long time, Sizolwethu had been prayerfully searching for sustainable opportunities to generate some income. In 2020, they partnered with an experienced wound care specialist and established a low-cost wound clinic in Bulawayo.

This wound clinic has developed into a referral point for local doctors and has helped hundreds of people who ordinarily would not be able to afford treatment for their wounds. The clinic also provides the opportunity for Zimbabwean nurses to learn specialised wound care skills.



Clean and reliable water sources are critical in every community. In 2021, 23 young people were chosen by three rural communities to be trained and equipped in borehole maintenance and repair. Since then, these technicians have successfully repaired over 20 boreholes, restoring water sources for thousands of people.

Each community started a monthly savings plan and they now have funds available to cover the costs of any future breakdowns.

These technicians were empowered with skills and the ability to earn an income from repairing boreholes throughout their communities and the surrounding districts.



A few years ago, the Zimbabwean Education Department integrated 4-5year old children into mainstream Primary Schools. These younger children often struggled to use toilets built for bigger children. In 2021 the Sizolwethu School Sanitation Project designed and installed 40 small-sized toilets across 20 schools in Matabeleland South. These young children were also taught health and hygiene lessons to build a safer and healthier learning environment.